Founded in 2008, J-Life is passionate in giving the gift of Jewish education to young Jews in a fun and meaningful way. Jews of all backgrounds and affiliations enjoy our programs around Chicago.

  • Weekly Classes: Our weekly classes and presentations are hosted in different locations throughout the city and the suburbs to foster the development of a deeper understanding of Jewish history, philosophy, and identity.

  • Social Events: J-Life organizes Shabbatons, alumni trips, and get-aways within the U.S. as well as thought provoking guest lectures given by outstanding Jewish educators.

  • Heritage Trips: J-Life has been leading fantastic trips to Israel each summer since 2008. Over the last several years we have expanded to running Jewish heritage trips in Prague, Vienna, Budapest and Poland. 

At J-Life, we believe that an educated Jewish people is a powerful Jewish people.

Join us in making an amazing and vibrant community!

 Meet the Team

Max & Irina Stesel

Yaakov & Shira Frankiel

Dan & Anya Alkhovsky

Yaakov & Shira Frankiel

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